Metamaterials are a synthetic arrangement of compounds in to highly uniform, tightly packed geometric layers. They are a form of man-made crystal whose unique ability to bend light, and conduct electricity place them on a whole other level distinct from ordinary matter.

Applications include but are not limited to invisibility cloaks, quantum technology, impenetrable power armor, improved solar cells, and the improvement of all lenses, energy, communications and data processing technology in general. A significant portfolio to say the least.

Metamaterials get their incredible capabilities from strict regulation of organization at a microscopic scale. Scientists position each and every atom and compound in to specific layers of crystalline symmetry, which often end up taking the form of hexagonal geometry. It turns out that by ordering compounds in such a dense interlocking geometry you “activate” abilities that were hitherto considered impossible, like increased conductivity and ability to bend or absorb certain spectrums of light.