The study of how our planets electromagnetic field can effect the biology of organic life through interaction with magnetic and piezoelectric minerals inside the human body. These shifts in phase strength can emerge from a combination of galactic, solar, interplanetary and subterranean factors that converge to determine the overall range, and frequency of geomagnetic field strength.

That range happens to oscillate quite reliably between specific frequencies similar to a musical scale. They are called the Schumann Cascade of which 7.83 hz is only one. However the range and strength of that scale can alter throughout time due to lunar solar and galactic variables.

It’s important to remember that although the human bioelectromagnetic field does share some frequencies in common with the Earth – our planet is capable of changing much more quickly between a much broader range of frequencies. That is partially the basis of geomagnetobiological interactions.

A good rule of thumb to remember is that human beings require a careful balance of equilibrium and disturbance to that electromagnetic field to in order to remain optimally healthy,

For example, during a geomagnetic storm where the Earths frequency range and variation go up it can lead to an increase Heart rate, a decrease in heart rate variability and and increase in inter-hemispheric communication throughout the brain as well as an increase in electrical activity throughout the right, central regions of the brain. However both an extremely calm and extremely erratic geomagnetic field can have a negative effect on health. Some evidence would seem to suggest that gender plays a role.

Furthermore, the electromagnetic field of the Earth is partially non-uniform, meaning that geomagnetic field strength can differ across the geographic landscape. It can even differ, in the way it differs: At one time, our side of the Earth may have a stronger field strength, at another time maybe not. There are also geomagnetic monopoles such as the Sedona Vortex that are generated by underground pockets of magnetic mineral which have their own distinct effect on consciousness.

The reason why this is important is because the Earths electromagnetic field can influence you differently based on where AND when you are; Closer to the poles? underneath the South Atlantic Anomaly? 15 000 years ago? A good rule of thumb is that when the Earth geomagnetic field calm, there is less variation between geographic regions.

Another part of geomagnetobiology that can also be included in cosmobiology is how periods of irradiation from outside our solar system – combined with a lower geomagnetic field strength can produce genetic mutations in organic life.

Key terms to keep in mind:

  • Bio-electric Transduction
  • Schumanns Scale of Resonances
  • Bioelectromagnetism
  • Electricity throughout the nervous system
  • Psychophysiology
  • Neurology
  • Heart rate AND heart rate variability
  • Coherence
  • Brain waves
  • Magnetic, piezo-electric minerals throughout the human body: Iron, magnetite, calcite
  • Cellular ion membrane channel
  • Geomagnetic storm, geomagnetic calm