CGN News: Cold Plasma, Liquid Electricity, Quantum Teleportation and Metamaterial Future

Cold plasma healing for breast cancer, new superconductor turns electrical flow into liquid dynamics, quantum teleportation patent filed and metamaterial market forecast

CGN News: Space Weather, Galactic Cosmic Radiation and Underground Life

Scientists are developing a “sun clock” for space weather, how the interplanetary magnetic field impacts different layers of our atmosphere, the growing importance of galactic cosmic rays throughout our solar system, faster magnetism than we thought and other news updates.

CGN News: Dynamic Cloaking Technology, Magnetized Water Control, and Helioseismology Update

Solar Helioseismology, vital for space weather and climate prediction receives two much needed updates while an experiment demonstrates the feasibility of underground water magnetization. A new chrono-metamaterial that can modulate reflective rates of light in real time is proposed, making dynamic cloaking technology more likely.

CGN News: Stem Cell, Alien Jurassic, Clay Tablet, and Future Prediction Tech

Two advancements in stem cell research including treatment of Alzheimer’s, alien like animals in the Jurassic Era, oxygen bursts in evolution, applied geometry in ancient clay tablets and Machu Picchu may be older then we thought.

CGN News: Atmospheric Energy, Effects on Weather, Jupiter Heating Up

In today’s news we may be able to generate energy directly from the ionosphere, and magnetosphere. A scientific journal details the exact correlates between atmospheric electricity and temperature, as well as cloud coverage and scientists find the genetic source of heart disease.