CGN News: The “Brain Fingerprint” Alchemical Transmutation Within The Earth and an Ancient Pole Shift

Researchers from the Human Connectome Project figure out that everyone has a “brain fingerprint”.. which is relatively consistent for a while, but changes eventually. It turns out they were able to identify individuals ahead of time based on their unique “connectome”, which is a 3 dimensional map of electrical activity throughout the brain. The “density” and direction of colorful connections within and between different parts of the brain is what is used to identify the individual however that “fingerprint” changes given enough time. The findings suggest that post adolescent neurodevelopmental stages may unfold based on your personality.

It is conventionally believed that all lighter elements are capable of being created through “nuclear transmutation” taking place within the sun. Researchers from Japan and Canada propose an alternative theory. That 25 elements lighter then iron are created within the Earths mantle. They propose that electricity and radiation from the “stick-slipping” movement of grinding tectonic plates are also enough to transmute carbon and oxygen in to such elements. With that being said, it is possible that both are true – that these elements are created within the sun and the Earth.

“This work will have a considerable impact on the field of geophysics and may, as a result, “indicate possible research directions for the potential to create the elements required for future space development,” said Fukuhara.

Through studying paleomagnetic records scientists have confirmed that the Earth tilted 12 degrees on it’s axis 84 million years ago and that it took 5 million years to “wander back”.. making up about 25 degrees of polar excursion. New research suggests that we are “overdue” for another pole excursion and potentially even a pole shift.

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