CGN News: Web 3.0 Alliance, White Graphene, & “The Triangle Singularity”

Web 3.0 is a philosophy of redistributing access to the internet from technocratic nodes that are currently in charge of information processing to democratically elected nodes of processing that are simultaneously cross referencing each other’s information.

As far as progress on Web 3.0, Aragon (ANT) has joined forces with the Polygon Network whose efforts to create Web 3.0 include making Ethereum style decentralization technologies scalable to a larger population.

The addition of Aragon’s user friendly interface to Polygon technology will allow for the easier creation and management of decentralized autonomous organizations on a more scalable network than Ethereum.

Remember, that Ethereum is still looking to tackle scalability with their plasma technology. The main point being that this alliance between Polygon and Aragon could allow for wider scale adoption of decentralized technology for those who are not cryptographically inclined, which is the majority of the population.

Physicists “catch a glimpse” of what they call the “triangle singularity”. It turns out that subatomic particles “exchange identities” in the form of information as they pass one another. During this process a quark will manifest for a moment creating a triangular alignment between the quark and the two particles.

Researchers engineer a nanomaterial that can repel water and stay dry whilst submerged. This should allow for more advanced outdoor survival clothing, diving equipment, camping gear, fuel cells and electronic sensors to detect toxins in the water.

Flood resilient constructions are being made that “float with the tide” of rising water. Might this one day lead to cities that float on water and are resilient to climate change?

In that case I would recommend also including shapeshifting metamaterial that is engineered to adapt to exaggerated seasonal differences in temperature and humidity. It could be used to create buildings that can adjust their shape to prepare for a hurricane for example.

2D materials like Graphene have been picking up steam as of late. They can become even more powerful metamaterials if you stack them on top of each other and change the angle slightly to induce superconductivity for example. Other abilities include shock absorption, cloaking, computation and shape shifting as mentioned previously.

Scientists have engineered what they call “White Graphene” out of single atomic layers of Boron Nitride, rather than carbon in the case of original Graphene.

The superability of “White Graphene” is that you can apply an electric field to immediately flip the charge of it’s magnetic polarity so that negative becomes positive and vice versa. In other words, they trade places when you apply enough electricity.

“One exciting possibility is to use it for higher density memory storage,” said Yasuda, lead author of Science Paper. I am. This is because by switching the polarization of the material, 1s and 0s (digital information) can be encoded, and that information stabilizes over time. It does not change unless an electric field is applied. In a scientific treatise, the team reports a proof-of-concept experiment showing this stability.”

Researchers find a way to turn mining waste in to clean, efficient hydrogen fuel.

The new method of conversion will allow for a decrease in the waste material from mining while also increasing the prospects for hydrogen fuel, a new and emerging energy source that is much cleaner and cheaper then gasoline or oil. Now why don’t we use the hydrogen from mining to power the mining itself?

“In the experiment, featured on the August cover of Advanced Energy & Sustainability Research, the researchers triggered a water splitting reaction using heated-activated feldspars nanocoated with only 1–2 percent of the cheaper reactive metals.”

Scientists describe how natural outcroppings of the Martian surface they call “Buttes” could shield potential colonists from the increasing galactic cosmic radiation throughout our solar system.

Because Mars has a weaker atmosphere it is more vulnerable to cosmic rays and so it’s important that we find clever ways of utilizing the natural Martian landscape for protection. It is the same reason they have proposed we inhabit underground lava tubes.

Researchers explain how cold plasma can drastically improve agricultural yield. They’re running various experiments including the treatment of water with plasma to replace ammonia for the growth of plants.

Cold plasma has been proven to increase the speed of germination and size of plant life. Now researchers are concerned with how they may scale the technology up to become a reality.

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