CGN News: Cold Plasma, Liquid Electricity, Quantum Teleportation and Metamaterial Market

“Canady Helios Cold Plasma” has figured out the mechanism behind Cold Plasma induced death of breast cancer cells.

“As we have proven, Canady Helios Cold Plasma (CHCP) is a very promising adjuvant therapy to selectively combat many cancers, but our focus in this report is our work on breast cancer which affects over 3.5 million women in the US alone. “

“Cold plasma” is energized gas that has been cooled down. There’s a bunch of it in the atmosphere. In pop science they call plasma the fourth state of matter” but it’s not really..

The atoms are not “further apart” then gas, they just have one extra or less electron than usual, which “leaks” electromagnetic radiation from the atom that can be seen with the naked eye such as the case of the Aurora Borealis.

Aside from preserving food, disinfecting surfaces and producing energy cold plasma can actually treat people with various health conditions, including breast cancer – which they’ve unlocked the exact mechanism for in this particular case.

“Inhibition of cell proliferation, induction of apoptosis, and disruption of cell cycle were all observed during the early S-phase of the cell cycle. This news is auspicious because it shows CHCP treatment can be personalized for specific breast cancer types.”

Because cold plasma is good for disinfection (think COVID) healing and adaptable modular energy systems I would say that it is very likely to become a key technology in the future similar to how oil is now.

By recording the brain activity of a person while they are watching a movie researchers learn how to classify individual differences in cognition such as fluid intelligence and verbal IQ with an AI whose network is also shaped like a brain.

To be honest I’m not the biggest fan of AI meddling in biological affairs but if anything I would like to see this technology be utilized in a way that informs people of their own psychological proclivities (think health 3.0) rather than manipulating them such as in the case of psychographic profiling through social media deep learning.

The super humanist philosophy is that we should learn about our own psycho physiology and how to maximize our innate gifts through interaction with decentralized information technology that displays our vital signs and interprets them in accordance with solar activity. Covering this subject in education and you have yourself a good foundation for general health.

It turns out that a sustained neurological connection between the brain and gut is important for determining certain aspects associated with self esteem.

“The study found that adults whose brains are less efficient at detecting these internal messages are more likely to experience body shame and weight preoccupation.”

The research may eventually allow for the treatment of mental health conditions through restoration of neurological coherence between electrically severed organs of the body, rather than always fixating on the brain.

In the metal superconducting compound of Niobium and Germanium (NbGe2) scientists get electrons to flow like a liquid rather than a particle through application of certain vibrations. It could potentially allow for the creation of a new kind of electrical circuit that treats electricity more like fluid dynamics.

Technology company AMD files a patent for the use of teleportation in quantum computation. The authors of the referenced article go out of there way to explain that it won’t lead to large scale teleportation anytime soon because this form of teleportation only applies to the microscopic quantum realm.

However they do not mention the increasing evidence in favour of macroscopic quantum entanglement, proving that rules which they thought only apply to the microscopic quantum realm also apply to larger scales.

Like I wrote about in my article about the theoretical basis of portal technology we may be able to use a natural system of interplanetary flux for the transportation of atmospheric plasma or even quantum information between celestial bodies.

Metamaterial, a form of microscopically aligned compound material that has many different science fiction sounding applications will likely see further industrialization in the next 7 years. An economic forecast states that the “Metamaterial Market will grow at a CAGR of 31.85% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2028”

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