“Smart Clothing” Is Picking Up Steam: HR Tracking, Pollution Detection, Synthetic Muscle, Cooling

Functional super-clothing that can track vital signs, protect you from extreme temperatures and offer flexible yet durable protection in the form of artificial muscle fibres. Where does it cross the line? What smart clothes are self liberating and what could potentially be exploited by the technocracy ?

A financial report claims that the smart clothing sector will experience “revolutionary growth”

Researchers use bacteria to produce the elastic spring-like “Titin” protein and then spin it up in to fibre 10 micrometers wide. Afterward they carefully interweave the titin fibres in to artificial musculature that is extremely tough and durable but also flexible, forming to the wearers body.

Other researchers sew nanotube fibres in to athletic wear for monitoring the heart rate. It turns out the suit is better at gathering data then a standard chest strap heart monitor.

“The fibers are just as conductive as metal wires, but washable, comfortable and far less likely to break when a body is in motion”

Engineers invent a device the size of a credit card that detects 100 airborne toxins. It’s similar to a real life “tricorder” except for that it can fit in to your shirt.

In an age where invisible airborne dangers are an increasingly relevant phenomena, it’s important that technology such as this be capable of identifying all sorts of micro bacteria and toxins.

It may also help colonists living on another planet more accurately determine subtle fluctuations in atmospheric content.

A white cotton, meta fabric hybrid material is capable of reflecting sunlight far more then ordinary clothing, cooling down the body under extreme heat conditions. The meta fabric is composed of synthetic fibre and nanoparticles.

“After an hour in the sun, the half of the student covered in the metafabric was nearly 5 degrees Celsius cooler than the side covered by the cotton vest”

There are other advances in smart clothing that are in my opinion, dangerous and exploitable. Such as wearables that are powered by your own bio electricity or even smart clothing that receives or transmits wifi signals.

I would certainly want publicly funded scientific research clarifying the safety of smart clothing powered by wireless signals first before ever considering it personally.

Your nervous system is electromagnetic in its quality. If you have EM signals coming and going that close to your body it is a safety concern, especially if that clothing is designed by this same technocratic oligopoly.

I prefer smart clothing that informs and protects the user. Let’s try and stay away from using your precious life force energy to power technology. Let’s also try and avoid bringing wifi signals closer to vital organs in the body.

With new and emerging technology it is important we focus on what can empower the individual and not what can be exploited by a technocracy to mess with our health or state of mind.

Furthermore, we are going to have to ask a few questions going in to the future. If we’re always depending on smart clothing to regulate our nervous system, how does this effect our mood or capacity for self regulation? A fine balance is required. That is why I believe atmospheric biofeedback technology is so important as well.


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