CGN News: Space Weather, Brain Stimulation, Geomagnetobiology and The Gut Microbiome

New research in to the gut micro biome may allow for age reversal of brain deterioration associated with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Eventually it may even improve cognitive functioning in general. Making it a suitable example of “superhumanism”, which is all about optimizing biology proactively.

“This new research is a potential game changer , as we have established that the microbiome can be harnessed to reverse age-related brain deterioration. We also see evidence of improved learning ability and cognitive function”

However researchers claim they are not at the stages of human implementation yet.

“It is still early days and much more work is needed to see how these findings could be translated in humans.”

Swedish startup Flow Neuroscience has raised over 7.9 million in euros for their first series of funding.

They have developed a non-pharmaceutical approach to self treatment for mental illness utilizing a mix of behavioural therapy and transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain.

The behavioural therapy app is connected to their stimulation device much like I have proposed be done with atmospheric biofeedback technology.

Next, I’d recommend they combine that with geomagnetic forecasting due to the proven effect geomagnetic activity has on mental health.

However I would caution against the use of brain stimulating technology, absent of

1. A way to see your brain waves and heart rate in real time. Allowing for the individual to experiment with their concentration in order to enable…

2. An equal amount of focus be paid to obtaining equilibrium without necessarily stimulating the brain i.e through guided meditation breathing and visualization techniques.

That should be done in order to prevent brain stimulation technology from taking the same path as pharmaceutical medication – one of codependent temporary relief rather than proactive, independent maintenance of health

A modern review and extension of geomagnetobiology provides a much needed update to the field. Summarizing older and newer research, including the effects of geomagnetism on DNA rates of mutation.

“..a comprehensive review focused on the impact of the GMF on the origins and evolution of life on Earth, as well as, the influence of the GMF on living organisms at different levels of biological organisation, including the viability of organisms, genetic stability, modulation of gene expression and behaviour

A Japanese research group titled “Project for solar–terrestrial environment prediction (PSTEP)”has published a summary of their major research findings.

They have embarked on a multi year effort to properly integrate the interdisciplinary fields of space weather analysis and space weather forecasting in order to determine their climatological and socioeconomic effects back here on Earth.

“Recent studies suggested that an extreme space weather event equivalent to the Carrington Event, which occurred on September 1, 1859, is likely to cause significant social impacts (National Research Council 2008).

Furthermore, the cosmogenic isotope analysis recorded in tree rings and ice-core indicates the probability that the Sun may have caused massive explosions of more than ten times the Carrington Event (Miyake et al. 2012).

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