CGN News: Stem Cell, Alien Jurassic, Clay Tablet, and Future Prediction Tech

Researchers discover the cellular mechanism of stem cell dormancy which may allow for novel methods of activating natural stem cell reserves within the body.

Hydrogel stem cell packs show promise for treating Alzheimer’s disease. It turns out the brain is better able to utilize stem cell injections when they are combined with the gel like substance.

Newly discovered Jurassic era animals in Great Britain look “just as they came from another planet” so strange in fact that they may be mistaken for an alien!

It turns out a a mysterious burst in oxygen lead to the Permian-Triassic extinction 252 million years ago. Recently, another study detailed how a slower planetary spin can effect the oxygen output of Algae leading to more complex life.

Perhaps the oxygenating effect of orbital dynamics have something to do with the extinction of old life but also the optimization of oxygen levels for more complex life to emerge.

A 3700 year old fragment of clay tablet from the old Babylonian period demonstrates the oldest known use of applied geometry. Outdating Pythagoras by about a millennium.

In other archaeologically related news modern radiocarbon dating would seem to suggest that Machu Picchu is “decades older then we thought”.

Taking a complete 180 now – The US government is experimenting with an advanced form of artificial intelligence that can “predict things days in advance”.

In the future they’d like to combine this technology with military and civilian leadership “to predict the moves of other nations”

Could this technology have something to do with reading the background photon density of our atmosphere? This has been proposed by Laurentian U as a potentially viable method for prediction of the short term future for example.

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