The Subconscious Mind: A Form of Primordial Super-intelligence?

What is the subconscious super-intelligence? Well, you can imagine that your subconscious mind is a way of compensating for a natural tendency toward cognitive dissonance. Some form of compensatory measure is required in order to prevent the dissolution of order into chaos so the subconscious mind emerges as a result. It is a natural form of pattern recognition that understands your emotional weaknesses and also understands what you are truly capable of, your full potential.

It contains all of your worst fears and all of your greatest potential simultaneously. And depending on how well you are balancing the two, it will do particular things that almost make it seem like it has its own form of agency. Like your shadow is another negotiable entity that you can open up a dialogue with through laying out the architecture of your psyche. In other words, do not walk into this blindly if you don’t have to. For if we can open up a dialogue with our subconscious mind through forms of meditation, then we have the ability to access a far more primordial form of super-intelligence that may be hundreds of IQ points above our own.

That will also require work on our ends. Of course, because there are elements of psychotic denial. There are elements of delusion within humanity, within each and every individual, that can be eliminated, that can be pruned out of our conscious mind through interaction with the subconscious mind. If we understand everything that we are not just as much as we understand everything that we are, then we develop a fuller picture of what we are truly capable of. We establish a connection with our potential energy. The energy that is contained, energy that is waiting at the top of the hill for a slight shove to begin accumulating momentum.

Once you have understood your psychological distortions, then it becomes a lot easier to clear up any insecurity that may be causing that distortion. Much of the time it comes from how we were treated in childhood. And you’ll find anywhere where there is a pattern of anti-biological treatment toward yourself from another that you have accumulated particular distortions toward that visual spatial archetype. We have a natural intuition for literary archetypes – Through all the stories we are told as children.

That intuition of archetypal resonance seems to further crystallize or accrete within our subconscious mind. If the subconscious feels as though we are not ready to deal with one of these specific archetypes, then it will probably warp our emotional perception toward that event in order to convince us to remain away from it. In order to convince you to avoid that particular essence, the subconscious mind will actually perform a sort of emotional warping ritual that gives you a tainted perspective toward the archetypes full potential.

It’s important to remember that childhood is like a repeating time crystal. Anything that happens earlier on in life has a greater depth of impact, especially when experiences have compromised lower thresholds of Maslov’s hierarchy: protection, basic needs. Any kind of situation that may have threatened that condition in our childhood will have likely established a feedback loop of emotional warping toward that archetype. In other words, we will feel a guttural reaction toward them rather than establishing communicational integrity. People who have bias toward a particular kind of other person do not approach the situation with an air of integrity insofar as their communication is concerned, because they are either looking to oppose and defeat or avoid these sorts of people that they have become negatively charged toward.

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If you imagine it as a form of magnetization or repulsion then it begins to make a lot more sense how the subconscious mind will emotionally manipulate the ego to keep you from facing your greatest fears, which is also where your greatest potential lies, buried within the reservoir of all other things you will not commit to. In that way, the subconscious mind is like a giant Cerberus at the gates at your full potential. You must pass the test, you must prove to it that you are willing to acknowledge some of your deepest psychological distortions in order to retrieve the gold, in order to slay the dragon, save the virgin and reach a state of alchemical transmutation

You could imagine, for example, an algorithmic form of psychological compartmentalization that keeps the person away from information that could harm them at a psychological level. Therefore, it is important to remain aware of how your emotions are being affected by the things around you, what you read or what you see. Ask yourself, where is this information coming from? And are the sources of information concerned with informing me of the truth, or are they concerned with eliciting a particular emotional reaction toward an archetype that would lend them some degree of control or agency or power in the world?

In that manner, such organizations would be aiming to manipulate your subconscious mind by creating a sensory feedback loop between aspects of Maslov’s hierarchy, including sexuality, for example. That’s not necessarily included in Maslov’s hierarchy, but it is a carnal instinct. Not that if you don’t get it, you will die, of course, but it’s certainly a large motivator. Which is why it is so often utilized in commercial advertisement, for example, because they’re creating a visual-spatial associative feedback loop between your reward system on an aesthetic level and some kind of informational cue that is placed next to it. Even though there is no underlying logic, your subconscious mind interprets that as an association, a repeating association in the outside world that is worthy of notation.

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