How Real “Energy Healing” Works According To The CIA

A declassified CIA document details the investigation of Georgian healer Kirvorotov. The healing phenomenon involves a polarization of electrical charge between the patients body and Kirvorotovs hand resulting in a current of ionic wind sweeping through the sick area, producing a feeling of intense heat and eventually healing.

“An electric field is formed between the skin on Kirvorotovs hands and the skin of the patient; this field has an intensity which increases as the spacing decreases. The electrons and ions situated in the air gap tend to move toward the photoelectrodes” (hands and body)

According to the researchers Kirvorotov is able to multiply the electrical charge in the skin of his hand to behave like a photoelectrode “Kirlian checked the dielectric properties of the skin on Kirvorotovs hands: This is the point: the resistance was 3-5 times higher than the usual value!”

This form of electrical healing makes sense if you consider how well we can identify a sickness through electromagnetic imaging before it manifests physical symptomology. This is because certain parts of your body can become uncoordinated with the rest, as far their EM signature.

The document begins with an example of how this kind of electrical asymmetry occurs in plant life.

“One time botanists asked the investors to photograph two identical looking leaves from the same plant. The images of the electrical space of the green twins turned out to be completely different. Only then did the phytopathologists discover what the secret was: not any of the leaves had been torn off the branch contaminated with microorganisms, while the other had been torn off from a healthy branch.”

In other words, it is almost as if the invisible electromagnetic topology of the organism determines how vulnerable certain parts are to being overwhelmed by smaller microscopic organisms, which is literally the origin of illness. Note how cancer is also a smaller organism within the body that is harmful by virtue of it’s multiplication, and also identifiable with electromagnetic imaging.

A general principle is that – wherever there are disjointed gaps in electromagnetic radiation, within that organism, you are more likely to see problems there either now or in the future.

“The infection was in no way manifested externally right up until the death of the six leaves. But photographing in a field of RF currents immediately revealed the physiological “maladjustment” that were hidden from the eyes (see photograph published on the cover of “TM” No. 9 for 1966) “

It then goes on to explain how the same principle is at play within human beings.

“Electrical photographs” of sick human organs (for example, during spasms of the blood vessels) looked different than photographs of healthy organs. The nervous activity of the subject also makes its imprint against the firey panorama of “live sparks”.”

According to the author, the nervous system is contributing to this symphony of electricity and light within the body. The healer, Korvorotov appears to interface with this system by further polarizing the electrical charge of each hand as he approaches the patients body.

“For example, a patient comes to him and complains of a pain in the loins. Kirvorotov concentrates, goes into a trance, stretches out his hands, and approach the patient. Another instant and the patient fearfully flinches from the “burn:” it is literally as if a hot dry compress has been applied to the loins. This unpleasant sensation does not go away after that for the whole night.”

According to the declassified document, because the patients body is positively charged while Korvorotovs hands are negatively charged, it creates an electric field that can shove positive ions in the air gap toward the patients body. They claim that the same principle is at play in the ionic “sharcot shower”, D’arsondalization and other methods of electrical healing used in modern medicine.

“During the procedure, while “healing” hands are placed on the head or body of the patient, the electrical charges of the patients body excite (polarize) positive charges that are equal in magnitude but opposite in sign on the “glove’.”

However, the researcher mentions that the physical anomaly of heat still has no underlying explanation.

“But this is the catch — the “burning” was felt even when the “healing” hands were located comparitively far from me at a distance of 5 – 10 cm. It is clear that in such a situation there cannot even be any discussion of ion bombardment (which operates only for micron gaps).

In other words, perhaps ion bombardment is still at play in the actual healing process, but not in the generation of heat, at least initially. Could some form of natural quantum tunneling be at play, such as with capacitor technology. Might the air be acting like an insulator between the conductive hands and body?


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