Magnetic Vortex Energy and How It Effects Human Behavior: Interview With An Expert

Scientist and engineer Benjamin Lonetree has conducted experiments and published several research articles on geomagnetism including one on earthquake prediction using geomagnetic field data. The topic of this interview however, which started as an ordinary conversation, is the large amount of  research hes conducted on “The Sedona Vortex” in particular – a unique magnetic anomaly in the small desert town of Sedona, Arizona.



Hello Benjamin

Q: I was looking in to your work with the Sedona Vortex and was wondering if you were available for a call to discuss the impact of vortex points on human psychophysiology?

A: At this time no. Too many projects that need attention. Basically Vortex energy has a magnetic component that stimulates the Temporal Lobes of the brain. Or it may be detected by Magnetite in our inner ear fluid.


The Temporal Lobe – Your Brain's Fear Factory - Mindvalley Blog


I have taken multiple people to multiple Vortex sites in Sedona over the past 20 years and everyone’s reaction so far is one of two things. They either cry or they burst into laughter. So magnetic stimulation of the brain by Vortex energy triggers emotional responses.

As I tell people Sedona is a good place to do inner work. The energy enhances whatever you bring there. If you carry negative thoughts and emotions they get amplified. They become in your face until you deal with them.

For well balanced people who come there the experience is uplifting and a good tool to advance oneself. Unfortunately many people who come to Sedona carry baggage and they do not have the ability to deal with it. Hence Sedona for being a small town has 5 suicides per year.



Q: I’m just wondering what that magnetic component is. Frequency, pattern, intensity?

A: It happens at a frequency that falls within the range of brainwave frequencies. Usually between 2Hertz and 30 Hertz. Our brains work like Phase Lock Loop circuits which lock onto any strong external signal.
So if we are sitting in a Vortex with activity happening our brain locks onto that frequency and changes our state. Kind of like sympathetic resonance.

Vortex energy varies. Plus it changes frequencies from day to day and varies in amplitude. Let’s say if the activity for the day is Theta our brain will lock onto it and put us in dominant Theta brainwave activity. Look at the chart for Theta and it tells you what corresponds to dominant Theta activity.


Understanding brain waves - Neurofeedback AllianceNeurofeedback ...


Q: The Earth and brain share the same range of frequencies, so my question is what about the vortex is different from the natural Schuman cascade of the Earths atmosphere?

According to work out of Laurentian University for example a specific complex pattern of transcranial pulsed electromagnetic field will trigger a microseizure in the temporal cortex and that produces the sense or feeling of a “presence” surrounding you.

If so are crystalline formations underground actually amplifying the energy of geomagnetic disturbance such as with Sedona? Do you think we could train people to better channel this with biofeedback technology?

A: I have recorded the microseizures. Sedona has a large layer of Quartz crystals beneath it. The US Geological Survey did magnetic mapping of the area. They found the layer of quartz distorts the earth’ natural magnetic field as well as producing it’s own magnetic field.

Keep in mind Sedona is also full of Magnetite and Iron Oxide. Fe2O4. So these magnetic vortices are happening at Schumann frequencies but they are not interacting with Schumann. I have found though when Vortex energy is strong enough it amplifies Schumann in that local area.



Q: So then do you think a combination of geomagnetic and geological features effect consciousness in that manner? Persinger noted that “sensed presence” will take on a negative emotional valence if the electromagnetism is erratic and poorly grounded by inhabitated structures for example. Could this interact with the geomagnetic Kp index, contributing to the psychological value of the microseizure?

A: No. Sedona activity is limited to Sedona. It is not strong enough to have any effect at the altitude Schumann happens. It will not effect the KP index. I have mapped that whole area over the past 20 years and as soon as you leave the red rocks of Sedona everything returns to normal. So Sedona does not have a global effect on other things. It is limited to that area.

Now things like Schumann which is weak at 1 PicoTesla becomes enhanced by the energy but only in that area. Schumann also reflects off all the red rocks due to their Iron Oxide makeup. Many things are at play there.


Sedona Maps and Orientation: Sedona, Arizona - AZ, USA


Q: Are there any other concentrations of quartz, or other compounds that have been researched and or proven to have similar effects anywhere else in the world?

A: No idea. I only work locally but I am sure there are more places like Sedona.

Here is the fly over report from The USGS if it helps. I have it in PDF format somewhere but have not found it yet. Let me know if you can not open it.


Q: I’d like to try and expand on this and identify areas that are geologically similiar to Sedona. Where would be a good place to start as far as surveys are concerned? Surveys that have already been done I mean

A: Do a Google search on USGS Magnetic surveys. There are a ton of them. Magnetic maps for everywhere.



Q: When do u think you’ll be able to test that ley line device Ben?

A: When things calm down. I will be taking it to ancient ruins in and around Sedona to see if they built their dwellings on magnetic hot spots. I will not be doing a thorough study on Leylines as I would have to travel the world to do it. I am helping a guy in England with building one so he can at least test Stonehenge and other places.



Q: Hey Ben. I wanted to ask you a deeper question about Sedona. Do you think  the temporal lobe transient microseizure is purely a neuropsychological phenomena or a potential “opening” for something external to influence you as well?

I mean we know that it has something to do with the density contrast between layers of the crystal basement but could it also be a physical “portal” of some sort?

A: For now I think Microseizures are just inherent in some people. I monitored a friend who never had any but everyone else has them naturally. Sedona is known for it’s Vortex energy but it is also known for it’s portal activity. The portals are interdimensional.



Q: So you see the vortex and the portal as different? How would you then describe the portal scientifically? Do you think of consciousness as a relay for the portal or is energy actually going somewhere and coming back?

A: A vortex and portal are not the same. The portals are probably ETs coming and going. I do not care to discuss ET activity in Sedona but I assure you it is very real. Always has been. I suspect the energy there because it is such a unique place Geologically causes the activity.



Q: So is it fair to say that the crystal basement and magnetized iron oxide throughout the region are creating a portal by generating a unipolar magnetic field vortex?

How would you personally describe the difference between vortex and portal?

A: Portals show up unexpectedly. You never know where or when. Vortex are active on certain spots regularly. A Vortex has a magnetic component I can measure. What a portal consists of I have no idea. No way to measure them.

They show up usually far above ground and after a minute or two or less disappear. I am not interested in them or ETs. In the 20 years I have been here I have seen so much of it, it doesn’t matter. So I only work with Vortex things.


Q: Okay so a UFO for instance may be attracted to the magnetic vortex, which is why they choose to ‘portal in’ at that particular location? You don’t think there’s any chance that the vortex is creating a higher probability of portal formation?

A: It is possible. No way to find out. Sedona has intense natural magnetic properties. Off the scale magnetically so that probably is the energy ET uses.

Q: Do you know of anyone else that researchers magnetic vortices?



A: Nope. I am the only one with the equipment to do it in North America to to the best of my knowledge. I build my own being an engineer. To buy one even close to what mine does costs at the least $6,000 so no one want’s to invest the money.

Q: Hmm.. Have you ever tried teaching other people or applying the equipment to a different region?


A: No. I do not have time to. You should really watch this guy or get his books. He is gone now but these things have been around for a long time. I leave them alone. I have my reasons.


William Tompkins, Former Admiral in the US Navy

Q: Yes I was going to ask you if you knew about these various whistleblowers talking about portal technology. William was one in a batch of people discussing this topic.
A: Yes. I do not care to carry this any further.
END: No problem, thanks for your time Ben. I know the world looks crazy right now but it’s important we all have faith in each other and remember that what we see on FB is not always the way things are in real life. Hope you are doing well!
A: My pleasure

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