Holographic Technology Gaining Steam: Could it Replace Augmented and Virtual Reality?

Hologram tech may overtake virtual and augmented reality in the near future. The new technology does not require a headset nor does it irradiate your brain with electromagnetic energy.

Hong Kong and New York based corporation Looking Glass Factory have announced the worlds very first 8K holographic display.

On top of that, German circus Roncalli have completely replaced all living animals in their show with a giant herd of photorealistic holograms.

Finally, a team of researchers working out of the University of Sussex invent a hologram that you can see, hear, and feel.

Looking Glass Factory demonstrated their 8K holographic display in an impressive video released by the company two weeks ago. The best thing about it? There are no uncomfortable glasses like what you’d have to wear at the movie theater. Nor does it require a heavy headset like with augmented or virtual reality.

Instead the image is projected right out of the screen and in to a wide range purview. Furthermore based on the video it appears that you will actually be able to view different sides of the hologram depending on your position in the room.

The 32 inch wide screen houses 33.2 million pixels and a billion count color depth that makes it the largest, highest fidelity in the world. It also includes a gesture and touch based command system for more intuitive control over the user interface.

According to Looking Glass their technology works by replicating the color and directionality of light rays that ordinary matter would reflect or scatter.

German Circus Holograms Instead of Live Animals

50 year old Roncalli Circus from Germany is setting an example for the world by phasing out live animals from their show and instead utilizing holographic imagery to entertain the audience.

According to the company, After making the announcement Roncalli received 20,000 emails and letters from around the globe. 95% of which contained positive feedback.

Some of the equipment involved in the process include 11 ZU850 Optoma laser Projectors that emit 3D holographic imagery in to a circus area measuring 32 meters (105 feet) wide and 5 meters (16 feet) deep with an all around view of 360° allowing the entire audience a realistic vantage point.

Birger Wunderlich at Bluebox, a partner of Roncalli said, “We have been using Optoma projectors for 6 years and have consistently had a very positive experience in price, performance, and reliability


Hologram you can see hear and feel

Scientists have created a small inexpensive hologram that you can see here and feel.

They accomplished this by utilizing an ultrasound wave to float a 2 mm wide polystyrene bead in mid air. Then, while illuminating it with red green and yellow light they adjust the ultrasound wave, which can move the bead so quickly that it creates the illusion of a complete object.

This is not unlike how a single light travels along your screen to create a two dimensional image on your phone or computer.

Because the hologram is built with inexpensive material the time that it takes to make it toward industrial level application may remain relatively small as long as a large corporation or government does not buy out the patent and prevent it from being manufactured.



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