There is Water Underneath The Majority of Mars Surface

Mars is filled with liquid water and as far as we know all of it is underground. More of the surface than not has some liquid water beneath it. A rush of new findings are beginning to unravel the 4th planet from the sun – which is singularly the most commonly referenced target for space colonization.

The European Space Agency has finished compiling the very first global map of subterranean aquifers on the Red planet, illustrating that there is some amount of liquid water beneath the majority it’s surface. The orbital device, called ExoMars can detect traces of water by measuring how many neutrons from cosmic radiation are slowed down by interacting with hydrogen.

The scan took place between May and September last year, indicating that most of the water is underneath the poles which may be the most appropriate place for extracting water with a combination of directed energy and deep drilling. However, since the magnetic field is weaker in that region hazardous cosmic radiation may be a concern.

“In just 131 days the instrument had already produced a map that has a higher resolution than that of the 16 years data from its predecessor onboard NASA’s Mars Odyssey – and it is set to continue getting better,” says lead author Igor Mitrofanov.

“The data is continually improving and we will eventually have what will become the reference data for mapping shallow subsurface water-rich materials on Mars, crucial for understanding the overall evolution of Mars and where all the present water is now. It is important for the science on Mars, and it is also valuable for future Mars exploration.”

Month by month The Red Planet seems to be increasing in it’s eligibility as a potential candidate for space colonization. Scientists have recently discovered organic chemistry, the elemental ingredients for life,  not to mention that it  used to have entire salt water oceans.

Aside from that, evidence continues to build for the existence of microbrial life in meteors that have made their way to Earth.

Right now there is an entire factory in New York City dedicated to designing and printing martian habitats, while Elon Musk has unveiled his new Mars rocket prototype, claiming that the first mission will occur in “months”.

There is a lot of focus being paid to Carbon as a fuel source on Mars however Hydrogen may be a better idea, considering how much water is underground, they could use electrolysis to create cleaner Hydrogen fuel by splitting it apart from Oxygen. Recently scientists discovered that it is much easier than we thought.

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