Open Source 3D Printer Recycles Plastic Waste

Felfil, an Italian startup has released the first open source, eco-friendly 3D printer that can recycle plastic waste. Scraps from leftover plastic would otherwise comprise a huge environmental burden since it can sometimes take several attempts to print an object, depending on how complicated it is.

Another unique feature of Felfils 3D printer is that you can create your own filament from home by combining various ingredients – adding even more creativity to the manufacturing process. Those ingredients can range in color and texture. From plastic bottles, to melted electronic waste, old broken toys and even coffee beans as one user found out.

Being able to create your own custom filaments certainly has it’s benefits, one being cost. If you can use your own plastic waste or even ask a friend to recycle theirs you are essentially creating something from nothing, at least from an economical standpoint. In the future, one could even start their own business recycling shipped plastic waste to create products.

The 3D printer is completely open source meaning all the files required for operation can be found on their website. Furthermore, it is designed for both expert and beginner – no special skills are required to operate the machine.

All traditional materials are supported: ABS, PLA, HIPS, TPU, PETG.. etc and users are encouraged to try different colored plastics of any type.

Extrusion Nozzle can be adjusted from 1.75mm – 2.85mm for differing thickness.



Felfil Evo is a reliable filament extruder that allows 3D printing fans to recycle plastic waste

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