Scientists Build Computer That Projects Holographic Video

Japanese scientists build a computer that projects high quality holographic video, solving a problem with binocular parallax that would otherwise make it unsafe for children to watch.

3D televisions exploit the natural separation of our eyes to create the illusion of depth. Unfortunately children cannot use them without risking their eyesight. Since young people experience brain development more intensively – any disparity between what the eyes focus on and what the brain perceives could have dire implications. That is part and parcel to why holographic televisions have not yet made in to living rooms around the world.

Japanese scientists claim to have solved this problem with their new Horn-8 holographic computer.

“We have been developing the high-speed computers for 3D holography by implementing the knowledge of information engineering and the technology of electrical and electronic engineering and by learning insights from computer science and optical methods,” Ito reflected. “This is a result of the interdisciplinary approach of our research that has been conducted for over 25 years with the commendable effort by our students who have been studying at our lab.”

In April 2018 the Horn-8 was recognized as the world fastest holographic computer. It uses a technique for calculation called the “amplitude type” which allows scientists to modulate the intensity of light. The computers field progammable gate array is fitted with eight microchips that allow it to avoid what they call the bottleneck problem – caused when a limited amount of resources prevent further progress. In this case – the processing speed.

Now that they’ve circumvented limitations caused by restricted processing power they can project video holograms more clearly – making the television safer for children, which of course would otherwise remain a limitation for commercial adoption.

Their research was published in Optics Express on September 28, 2018




A big step toward the practical application of 3D holography with high- performance computers

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