Graphene Update: Purification, Fortified Natural Fibers

Researchers combine natural Jute fibers with Graphene to improve strength by 200%. They’ve also discovered that purified Graphene is significantly more effective than it’s silicon tainted counterpart.

Jute is a collection of fibers made from an old world plant. They are usually wound around each other to create some kind of rope. In this experiment scientists from The University of Manchester wanted to know if you could somehow improve the durability of Jute by coating it with Graphene. What they found was that Graphene coating enhanced the interfacial shear strength of Jute by around 200 percent, as well as the Flexural Strength by a factor of 100 percent compared to ordinary fibers.

As for practical application the new research could eventually result in super-rope capable of supporting much more weight.

In collaboration with RMIT’s Centre for Advanced Materials and Industrial Chemistry, the team then used pure graphene to build a versatile humidity sensor with the highest sensitivity and the lowest limit of detection ever reported

In another study an RMIT University team led by Dr. Dorna Esrafilzadeh and Dr. Rouhollah Ali Jalili investigated the purity of commercially available Graphene. What they found out, by using a state of the art scanning transition electron microscope was that Graphene is heavily corrupted by silicon. With that being said, the research team believes silicon is behind inconsistent experimental results obtained by scientists around the world.

The next step in their experiment was testing the newly purified material to figure out what Graphene is truly capable of. According to researchers purified Graphene broke all the records for electric conductivity when used to build a super-capactor. It already did quite well as silicon corrupted Graphene but without silicon dioxide the purified Graphene super-capacitor conducted 50% more electricity.

Of course their are just as many implications here as you have uses for Graphene. If the 2D material performs better when purified you can expect that to become commonplace as long as the manufacturer can afford it.

Their research article was published in Nature Communications

In our last update we reported on the growing list of recently discovered Graphene applications including construction material for room temperature superconductors, spintronics and electromagnetic shielding. Even earlier on we spoke about a cybernetic mushroom spliced with Graphene that can actually generate electricity!



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