Timex and Teslar Partner Up For Watch That Shields Wearer From Electromagnetic Radiation

Teslar, a company that builds EM shielding systems partners up with Timex for the development of a watch they claim generates a spectrum of biofriendly EM signals to counteract the effects of detrimental EM radiation from technology.

According to the company it sends a “unique natural earth signal which may help the body resist the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution generated by cell phone systems, computers and all other electrical sources causing daily stress, poor sleep habits and hectic work environments”.

Teslar (not Tesla) is a relatively unknown company specializing in protective systems that defend people from man-made electromagnetic radiation whereas Timex is a renown watch and jewelry making organization that’s been in the game since 1854

Paolo Marai, President & CEO of Timex Group Luxury Division adds: “Research and innovation, among others, are the pillars of Timex Group DNA and Teslar technology perfectly embodies those attributes.”

It’s important to mention that the Teslar watch more closely approximates what you would call “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)” due to the generation of bio-friendly EM signals. In this way it is similar to another device created by the company “Blueshield” which also claims to perform similar functions.

There’s some confusion as to what the difference is between EM generated by PEMF and Electromagnetic Interference (dangerous radiation). Some people think all electromagnetic frequencies are dangerous, which is not true. Technology produces erratically pulsating, high frequency electromagnetic radiation that are bodies are not used to – not that we can’t adapt to it over time, but too much of it too quickly can lead to unpleasant side effects. Most light (electromagnetism) in the body operates at the lower infrared frequency bandwidths, pulsating in specific rhythmical symphony with the Earths own electromagnetic field. These are the fields Teslar is looking to replicate in their watch.

The case could be made that such devices are somewhere in between what you would consider PEMF tech and EM shielding, since they are meant to be worn constantly as an attenuating force against dangerous EM radiation, whereas PEMF is only for temporary use to counteract symptoms, however, EM shielding usually takes the form of metal coating to block radiation via conductivity.

With that being said, we do have a complete list of both PEMF and EM shielding products on Amazon ranked based on their overall rating, with 3 of the most popular comments and concerns.




Timex licenses tech for watches that claims to protect people from phone’s electromagnetic fields

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