Elon Musk Tunnels Through LA Ahead of Schedule, Breaking Through To The Surface

Elon musk released a video of his companys tunnel boring machine finally breaking through to the surface of Los Angeles. “The Boring Companys” new shuttle loop will serve as proof of concept for Elons proposed electric transportation system as a viable means of relieving traffic congestion in large urbanized areas.



The machine, composed of a large drill spinning drill-head, began it’s journey on Crenshaw Boulevard where it followed along 120th street, eventually breaking through at O’Leary station. This particular transportation loop is scheduled for completion next month, December 10th, and is expected to carry passengers from Crenshaw all the way to Dodger Stadium in only 4 minutes.



As you can see, this trip would otherwise take around 23 minutes

Now that they’ve broken through, the company is building itself a watchtower at O’Leary station using only loose dirt from the dig itself to make bricks. At the moment, there are several boring operations taking place underneath California, including the city of Hawthorne as well as other parts of the country, like Chicago and Maryland. As per the former – it should reach all the way from Chicago airport to the cities downtown core.


chic airport.png


Elon Musks electric car company Tesla will construct the shuttle pods for each system.






11/17/18 Elon Musk releases video of Boring Company breaking through other end of first tunnel

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