Corporate Partnership For “Real Life Star Trek Holodeck” Established

Light Field Labs and visual rendering company Otoy establish a partnership for the creation of a “real-life holodeck” capable of generating virtual reality without a headset. The companies are creating “original holographic content” that may eventually become touch interactable.

Light Field Labs will contribute it’s holographic display technology and Otoy will render media on that display. Otoys new Orbx media rendering program is specifically design for holographic display panels, so it’s just the right partnership for this kind of next generation technology.

“OTOY has created the capture, rendering and streaming technology for the industry to transition to holographic content development, as well as the RNDR blockchain for IP rights and distribution,” said Emanuel in a prepared statement. “We’re excited to use this platform to bring true holographic content to Light Field Lab’s displays, which will give consumers unbelievable experiences without the burden of 3D glasses or VR headsets.”

On top of all that Endeavor and Roddenbery Entertainment (the company behind star trek) will be the first to produce original holographic content for the device.

“The concept of the Holodeck was extremely important to my father [Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry] as well as the Star Trek universe,” said Rod Roddenberry in a prepared statement. “I want to see Star Trek’s technologies made real, and for the very first time, now believe that a real Holodeck is no longer limited to science fiction.”

Light Field Labs successfully demonstrated their smaller prototype earlier this year so now they’re making the transition to room sized holographic displays. Otoy will use it’s RNDR Blockchain platform – a decentralized economy of GPU Rendering power to generate the kind of immersive graphics that will come to define next generation virtual reality holograms. The companies are open to working with both professional and consumer markets.




Light Field Lab and OTOY Enter Holographic Tech Partnership;

cover photo credit: Light Field Labs

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