Experiment May Prove Antigravity Within Two Years

The CERN Alpha experiment will test how anti-matter responds to gravity. If the anti-hydrogen particles plummet to the ground like ordinary matter, nothing will have changed, but if the atoms rise up in response to the gravitational field, it will have apparently proven the existence of anti-gravity. In fact, even if the results differ a small fraction from what physicists expect, it could have very serious theoretical implications.

As far as we know anti-matter is mathematically identical to matter in every single way except that electrons are positively charged instead of negatively charged. In other words, the charge of subatomic particles are reversed, replacing electrons with what they call “positrons”. Scientists have applied kinetic force to anti-matter in the past, which resulted in acceleration as you’d expect from ordinary matter. However, they’ve never applied a gravitational field.

Everything about our calculations predict that anti-matter should plummet to the ground just like ordinary matter. For example, since anti-matter accelerates when you apply force, rather then slowing down, it certainly seems like that should occur if you applied gravitational force. But of course we can’t just assume, scientists have to conduct experiments.

Which is why CERN is planning to do just that. It’s called the ALPHA experiment. Anti-matter explodes violently upon contact with ordinary matter so researchers will require a magnetic coil to prevent the anti-helium atom from touching regular matter. That magnetic coil encircles a 2.3 meters tall chamber with two “lids” fitted to the top and bottom.

In this experiment the magnetic field needs to be activated in just the right way – so that both lids are removed simultaneously, allowing the force of gravity to rush through the chamber. Then, based on how the anti-hydrogen atom reacts, we will have our answer.

If anti-matter flows upward in the presence of a gravitational field then experts could theoretically start partaking in what the Defense Intelligence Agency calls “Space-Time Metric Engineering” – A form of advanced propulsion technology that enables craft to defy gravity and potentiality travel faster then the speed of light.

NOTE: Space Time Metric Engineering would require immense amounts of energy from “Exotic materials” yet to be discovered. Those materials have also been implicated in time travel., which scientists say is a mathematical possibility.

A declassified paper, published by the DIA, seems to emphasize the likelihood of this happening.

“This paper has considered the possibility, even likelihood that future developments with regard to advanced aerospace technologies will trend in the direction of manipulating the underlying spacetime structure of the vacuum of space itself by processes that can be called vacuum engineering or metric engineering.”

Let it be known as well – if anti-matter doesn’t end up proving anti-gravity it wont necessarily mean that it’s not possible. Chances are if the defense intelligence agency considered it serious enough to publish a document rife with dozens of mathematical formulas, then there’s probably something to it. There are plenty of other “exotic materials” out there besides anti-matter, including meta-materials and quantum states of matter that may eventually provide the insane amounts of energy required to warp the fabric of space and time.


Image result for alcubierre warpdrive metric structure

Perhaps anti-matter and matter could be used in combination with some sort of magnetic field to create such an effect.




Is Anti-Gravity Real? Science Is About To Find Out


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