Quantum Computing Proven Mathematically Superior, Boeing Capitalizes With New Division

Scientists from Waterloo, Munich and IBM prove for the first time that quantum computers are superior to their classical counterparts while Boeing capitalizes by forming a new organization specializing in quantum and neuro-morphic computation.

Many people believe that quantum computers will soon outpace even our worlds faster classical supercomputers by up to a thousand times or more. Since they follow the ruleset of quantum mechanics each “qubit” exists as a wave function of 1 and 0 at the same time. This essentially allows them to “jostle” in to a perfect arrangement by cross-referencing each other over a wide range of space and simultaneously collapsing in to the best possible state.

However, solid proof for such claims have been few and far between. Quantum computers like D-Wave are more skilled at specific operations however classical computers can still reach a similar level of competency given the appropriate set-up.

That is until now.

Robert König, professor of complex quantum systems at the Technical University of Munich, has collaborated with David Gosset from the University of Waterloo and Sergey Bravyi from IBM to develop a new quantum circuit that has solved an extremely difficult algebraic problem that classical computers simply cannot complete.

Now that IBMs quantum computer achieved successful calculation of an otherwise impossible problem, it marks the first undeniable evidence that quantum computers can be mathematically superior to their classical counterparts.

“Our result shows that quantum information processing really does provide benefits – without having to rely on unproven complexity-theoretic conjectures,”

The quantum circuit is pretty simple and so creation of deployable quantum algorithms should be just around the corner. This landmark discovery could lead to more secure communications and advanced artificial intelligence in the form of neuro-morphic processing and advanced sensing.

It was also reported that aerospace organization Boeing formed it’s own division specializing in quantum and neuromorphic computing. The organization called Disruptive Computing and Networks (DC&N) will function as part of Boeings Engineering, Test & Technology division.

Charles Toups, former vice-president and general manager of Boeing Research & Technology, is leading the organisation as vice-president and general manager.

The field of quantum computing is advancing really quickly. University of Chicago in collaboration with other post-secondary institutions are currently building the very first “practical” quantum computer – Perhaps IBMs new discovery will have competitive implications for this kind of work.

While at the same time the United States it’s investing serious money in to Quantum Information Science.



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