Gravitational Waves Can Transmit Information Faster Than Light

Mathematicians from RUDN claim that the rhythmic pulsing of gravitational waves should be used to broadcast information faster than the speed of light. Due to their ‘specific invariable function’ gravitational waves could transmit and decode messages in a way that resembles superluminal morse code.

Gravitational waves are exactly what they sound like – a type of rippling across the fabric of space and time caused by acceleration or deceleration of celestial matter. Einstein first proposed that gravity actually bends space-time towards a source, now their learning that this rotating pressure can also be shot in the opposite direction, such as from a collision between two black holes.

Mathematicians from RUDN studied these gravitational waves using algebraic formulas based on geometric vectors and points. By employing calculations similar to those that explain the propagation of electromagnetism throughout space-time they concluded that it is indeed possible to transmit gravitational waves without distortion.

Their findings we’re reported in the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity.

Apparently these gravitational wave-fronts maintain numerical functions that remain constant across space time allowing us to quite possibly “program” the heart-beat of gravity for the purpose of transmitting messages across vast distances at a speed surpassing light.

“We found that nonmetricity waves are able to transmit data similarly to the recently discovered curvature waves, because their description contains arbitrary functions of delayed time that can be encoded in the source of such waves (in a perfect analogy to ),” says Nina V. Markova, a co-author of the work, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, assistant professor of C.M. Nikolsky Mathematical Institute, and a staff member of RUDN.




Mathematicians confirm the possibility of data transfer via gravitational waves

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