First Hyperloop Passenger Capsule Revealed

On Tuesday hyperloop transportation technologies revealed their Quintero One capsule – The first test ready hyperloop train.

At a ceremony in Spain the capsule remained on display. Apparently the train is built from a depressurized tube composed of a light, durable smart material. The exterior layer of carbon fiber is spliced with an array of sensors to broadcast wireless information on temperature, and stability in real time.

A full-scale passenger Hyperloop capsule is presented by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies in Spain. — AFP

This particular hyperloop tram measured 105 feet (32m) long, weighing at around 5.5 tons, and took about 5000 hours to put together.

Next HyperloopTT plans to test out their new capsule at the companies research and development division in Toulouse France. A necessary step to take before the train can be introduced to a real hyperloop track.  They are aiming for a 2019 launch.

The hyperloop market is not necessarily saturated so to speak but their are some big players targeting the revolutionary transport system. Billionaire Elon Musk of Tesla and for example has recently been granted permission by Washington DC to begin boring holes beneath the surface of Los Angeles.

Hyperloop trains can travel up to 760 miles per hours, so a dedicated underground network of cylindrical structures should work best for metropolitan areas – although Richard Bransons company Hyperloop One has chosen to stick with the above ground strategy.

Elon Musks claims that his strategy is multi-faceted and could be utilized for hyperloop trains or to create separate highway systems underground. He’s made an extremely ambitious projection of expected travel time from New York to Los Angeles in only 45 minutes, and now with the latest prototype – 29 minutes.

He’s also mentioned that underground hyperloop circuits could be used to cross entire oceans quickly compared to other means of transportation.

Here’s a blueprint of their latest model.








Hyperloop transport system is Elon Musk’s next idea, NY to LA in 45 minutes

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