Science and Applications of Force Field Technology

The European Space Radiation Superconducting Shield (SR2S) is a force field designed to protect craft against galactic cosmic radiation by using superconductive magnets to produce a miniature magnetosphere around every spaceship.

Wouldn’t protect them completely but would reduce radiation down to acceptable levels.

SR2S uses active shielding approach. Superconducting magnets generate a magnetic field 3000 times more powerful then Earths own magnetosphere. This force field, around 10 feet in radius can redirect incoming cosmic rays to flow around the bulk of the space-craft.

Presently NASA limits participation from astronauts to those people who have less then a 3 percent chance of cancer fatality. If force field technology can significantly reduce their exposure to cosmic radiation then the talent pool from which to pull from will expand exponentially in lockstep.

The technology should be tested soon.

Another form of force field technology patented by Boeing aerospace corporation  is described as a “shock-wave attenuation system”. As strategies for defense grow in synchronization with their offensive counterparts defense contractors have since moved from a solely physical projectile vs armor based battlefield strategy to one that includes novel technologies of energetic origin.

Instead of focusing on damage caused by shrapnel and projectiles this shock-wave attenuation system is more concerned with mitigating the after-effects of serious explosive power. When combustion displaces a large portion of air at the site of impact a sharp change in pressure can spread throughout the immediate vicinity decimating all structure in it’s wake.

Since defense technology began to move in to a more energetic realm threats have escalated to include the purposeful use of shock-waves to fold entire buildings over that would otherwise remain protected from projectiles and other forms of physical firepower. So Boeing has inevitably had to “up their game” in order to compete.

Using what they call an “electromagnetic ark” to reflect, refract, disperse and absorb a pressure wave they contest that you can shield protected assets – whether they be some kind of building or even a vehicle.

They propose a series of sensors that anticipate incoming waves and adjust the power supply to extend a front of electromagnetic field in that direction. Then by utilizing a high intensity laser pulse they can displace electrons from surrounding air particles to create a shield of ions held in place by said electromagnetic field.


In 2014 students demonstrated this was possible albeit with the addition of blocking out incoming light as well, leaving those contained within blind to the environment for a few moments at least. They also mentioned the possibility of using this same strategy to shield the area from laser beams. A growing concern among the age of Directed Energy Weapons.

Boeing also proposed complimenting this kind of magneto-plasma shield with an onslaught of counter-projectiles “fired along converging paths” to further absorb incoming pressure.

Where this kind of force field technology is obviously meant for the battlefield it’s important to mention that it is indeed a defensive technology. Meaning that it’s use would contribute directly to saving lives rather then ending them. In the future perhaps it could be used on a larger scale to defend an entire city from a nuclear shock-wave or some sort of asteroid impact.

The patents abstract reads:

(1) “An electromagnetic force field configured to protect designated assets against incoming objects, comprising a plurality of layers, wherein the layers are a member of a group consisting of a supercharged plasma window, a curtain of high-energy laser beams arranged in a lattice-like configuration, and a carbon nanotube (CNT) layer, wherein the laser beams are positioned at equal distance between each other and as such as to ensure that at least four laser beams are in the path of the smallest object, and wherein, the CNT layer comprises a plurality of CNT sheets.”






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Patent 8981261: Method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc 

Picture credit: Stargate Atlantis

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