Can Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Help Preserve The Rainforest?

Guardian Boutique will convert 20 000 hectares of rainforest property in to a public getaway for conservation research and preservation.

In an attempt to preserve the rainforest entrepeneur Rafael Benavides wants to construct a series of low impact hotel boutiques for conservation research and other environmentally friendly activities.

The buildings – composed of bamboo, inhabit a small amount of space in comparison to natural vegetation, as the main point here is to create a sustainable business model that can help to conserve wildlife at the same time.

located in buffer zone of the escalera mountain range which is the first conservation in the country. 45 minutes from tarapoto airport.
Bosque Guardian will need to accumulate more land in the “buffer zone” peripheral to this area of the tarapoto rainforest in order to make access to the region more realistic. Blockchain technology will help the organization raise funds for land acquisition in a way that is both transparent and decentralized.

“We are in the process of completing our partnership with Chainzilla and Komodo Platform, which is based on Bitcoin. This means that Bosque Guardian is going to issue a token called Guardian Coin,” said Benavides.

20 000 000 Guardian Coins will be issued to investors. The cryptocurrency itself could be either be kept to sell at a higher price or used on the resort for those interested in participating in the sustainable business model. Ideas include
– education of the locals
– scientific research
– renewable energy workshopss
– reforestation program
– drone surveys
For his part, Charles Gonzales, CEO of Chainzilla commented, “Incubating new markets is a priority and we have to think outside the box when it comes to conservation because it has become a stale subject. There is a misconception about it being solely non-profit. Bosque Guardian is pioneering a sustainable model of conservation that gets us one step closer to making biodiversity conservation profitable.”

“Currently, the forests are at the whims of government funding which is minimal and it doesn’t encourage the people living on the land to keep the trees standing,” a separate article published on Medium stated.

It’s important to remember that the Amazon rainforest is being de-forested at an accelerating rate due to both legal and illegal logging activities. Any land that is not purposefully purchased and cordoned off by the owner for conservation will inevitably be seized up by this expansive industry. Sustainable business models like Bosque Guardian may be the Amazons only hope in warding off de-forestation.







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