Egypt Commences “One Million Fruit Trees Project”

On Sunday 1000 fruit trees were planted in the district of Giza. Earlier on the project had already began operations in some of the oldest part of Cairo including Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque, Abu Sufyan Street, Mogama3 Al Adyan, King Saleh Tunnel, and Hassan al Anwar Street.

Authorized by the Agricultural Professions Syndicate – Egypts One Million Fruit Trees Project has commenced in an effort to combat climate change and food scarcity. With co-operation from organizations such as For the Love of Egypt, and local authorities, this initiative could potentially supply much needed food to homeless and impoverished citizens of Egypt.

Since plants inhale carbon dioxide the project can also help to reduce greenhouse gases by growing more trees. The main fruit trees being planted are lemons, oranges, and tangerines. In Egypt, lemon trees are the easiest to maintain for they resist pollution quite well and can persist throughout high temperatures due to their low water permeability.

Sayyed Khalifa, Chairman of the Agricultural Professions Syndicate hopes to educate people on climate change and why we should grow trees for the next generation.




Egypt to Plant 1 Million Fruit Trees in Public Spaces Across The Country

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