Regular Geometric Structures Protrude From The Ice In Antarctica

As Antarctica continues to melt Google Earth reveals a series of regularly spaced, identically shaped objects protruding from the snow.

The mystery formation

On November 8th last year it was reported that a massive heat source under Antarctica had begun to melt away the ice and trigger volcanism. The Marie Byrd Land mantle plume was identified as a potential candidate for this 150-180 milliwatt anomaly.

It is no secret that many countries around the world host scientific expeditions to the south pole. A lot of them construct various bases for that purpose – to the extent of which is unknown.

It’s possible that a meltdown of this kind would begin to reveal submerged structures. Whether they be abandoned or not, it’s reasonable to assume that this could be what we’re seeing here.

It certainly doesn’t have to be an “ancient city” though we should not eliminate the possibility.


Antarctica EXPOSED? Google Earth ‘uncovers ancient city’ emerging from melting snow

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