Pentagons Plan For The United States Space Force

This week the Pentagon will begin the initial steps required to create their “Space Force”. It’s also been announced that the United States will begin attempting to bridge the current technological gap between them and BRICS nations regarding Hypersonic propulsion.


In the next couple months the Defense Department will allegedly erect three out of four pillars required for their new Space Force including:

  • A unified combatant command titled “US Space Command”
  • A joint agency to purchase satellites for the military
  • A war-fighting community involving space operators from all  service branches

Apparently these preparatory steps can be done without lawmakers approval so the US congress skeptical attitude towards the program wont completely immobilize it’s realization for the time being.

However, the final component – which involves the establishment of service and support functions including fiscal management and construction will require action from congress. Employees of the Defense department will spend the remaining half of 2018 writing a ““legislative proposal for the authorities necessary to fully establish the Space Force.” that would makes its way to congress by the end of the year. In time to be reviewed for Trumps 2020 budget proposal.

This initial plan was part of a 14 page draft report set to arrive in congress on Wednesday. Defense One reviewed the report and inserted several excerpts

“It will usher in a new age of space technology and field new systems in order to deter, and if necessary degrade, deny, disrupt, destroy and manipulate adversary capabilities to protect U.S. interests, assets and way of life…This new age will unlock growth in the U.S. industrial base, expand the commercial space economy and strengthen partnerships with our allies.”

“The Department will recommend that the President revise the Unified Campaign Plan to create the new U.S. Space Command by the end of 2018 and evaluate the need for any additional personnel, responsibilities and authorities,”

The Pentagon also wants current the head of Air Force Space Command (the unofficial Space command that originally dealt with satellites and orbital tech) to serve as the new official commander of US Space Force.

Liaison bridge programs will also be set up between NATO participants starting with the US European Command. Since space encompasses a much broader range then land or sea they will have to cover every geographic-orbital equivalent they can given co-operation from allied forces.

The Pentagon will start a Space Operations Force composed of a mix of official and civilian space personnel from across 6 military services including the National Guard and Reserves.

Apparently their goal is to mobilize several expert teams to the US European Command and US Indo-Pacific Command by next summeer.

The report emphasizes legal co-operation with private-sector corporations “as commercial and government entities ‘move toward the center’ on requirements, regulation and compliance.”

Ground zero for this new initiative will begin with the Space Development Agency who will roll out the first satellite development and space launch contracts. The US Air Force currently runs all things space related and their extant space branch will eventually be absolved by the SPA

““Major existing space acquisition programs will remain in current service organizations, and aggressively pursue improved performance, while the Space Development Agency develops and fields the capabilities outlined in the DoD Space Vision,”

“Over time, as current programs complete, resources will shift from service space acquisition organizations to the Space Development Agency.”

The size of the SDA will be decided by a “DoD governance committee in partnership with the intelligence community,” whereas the location will be selected by ““an accelerated process that considers locations that best enable the Agency to attract talent, leverage commercial expertise and develop new capabilities at speed and scale.”

7/31/18 Pentagon To Start Creating Space Force — Even Before Congress Approves It



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