Allevi and “Made In Space” Partner Up For Zero G 3D Bio-printer

‘Allevi 3D’ a bio-printing company recently announced their partnership with US microgravity 3D printer developer Made In Space for the creation of ‘Allevi ZeroG’ a 3D bioprinter that functions in low gravity conditions

Artist's rendering of the forthcoming ZeroG 3D bioprinter. Image via Allevi

Artist’s rendering of the forthcoming ZeroG 3D bioprinter. Image via Allevi

Made in Space is responsible for the first 3D printer deployed on the International Space Station. It is capable of printing high grade plastic in low gravity environments so as to create tools and other classified objects.

They’re also working on a metal 3D printer for Mars, as well as a way to transform asteroids in to autonomous spacecraft.

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They also set a world record for the “longest 3D printed non-assembled piece” in the development of their ARchinaut satellite 3D Printer.

Allevi is well known for their 3D bioprinters Allevi 1, Allevi 2, and Allevi 6 all of which differ in the amount of nozzles they employ in the extrusion of organic material.


The Allevi 1 bioprinter in particular apparently provides “the smallest footprint, widest material capabilities and best price tag of any 3D bioprinter on the market.”

Their next ZeroG 3D bioprinter will ” “allow scientists […] to simultaneously run experiments both on the ground and in space to observe biological differences that occur with and without gravity.”


An example of terrestrial based stem cell 3D bioprinter. Alexander Tolstykh

Allevi 3D plans to print these organic formations using human stem cells and a variety of gravity resistant hydrogels/other substances capable of preserving cell life.

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Stem cells can differentiate in to any tissue. This is an example of a 3D printed ear. Credit: Wake Forest

The ultimate goal is to 3D print life saving regenerative tissues capable of providing a timely response to injuries sustained in outer space.

07/30/18 Allevi partners with Made In Space for first zero gravity tissue 3D printer


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