Patent Granted For The Use of Cold Plasma To Treat Cancer


FDA registered Us Medical Innovations – a life science, biomedical and robotic device company has been granted a patent for the use of cold atmospheric plasma to selectively target breast cancer cells.

The surgical procedure first involves the use a plasma scalpel to create the initial incision . Afterwards electricity with the right voltage frequency and power is used to pump cold plasma from a generator (patent 9999452) in to those surgical margins.

Upon exposure to the correct frequency of Cold Plasma compromised breast cancer cells are eliminated via activation of a protein pathway called TRAIL-R1. In essence the cell is simply “turned off” while leaving normal breast cells in tact.

The use of Cold Plasma to heal has seen a long controversial history. Earlier non-FDA approved devices included the plasma tubes of Royal R. Rife.

Rife an American inventor claimed that every disease had it’s own electromagnetic frequency. By using a very powerful microscope at the time Rife was able to study micro-organisms more closely then his colleagues. As a results he identified the “Mortal Oscillatory Rate” (MOR) of each disease.

MOR was a measurement system developed by Ride for classifying the particular EM frequency that will lead to a micro-organisms death. Then by using electromagnetism to ionize Helium gas in a glass tube the EM circuit is more easily sustained.

So the story goes that after gaining media recognition for his work curing various patients from around the world the American Medical Association and FDA raided the home of Rifes engineer and business partner John Crane without a warrant, stealing 20 000 dollars worth of equipment, electronic parts, engineering data, research records, reports, pictures, private letters, invoices and tape recordings.

Whether you believe the story or not, one thing is for certain – Rifes research and coverage by local/national newspapers stopped abruptly for no apparent “official” reason…

Since then plenty of people have claimed to offer replicants of the Rife machine. Some of them may be fraudulent but none of them were offered by an FDA registered company like US Medical Innovations. If the story is true, you can’t help but wonder what the FDA did with all of Rifes research?

Either way, as long as this patent sees the light of application hopefully it will help those cancer patients in dire need of an alternative to dangerous, expensive chemotherapy.


US Patent Office Issues Decision to Grant Patent for USMI’s Cold Atmospheric Plasma for the Selective Ablation of Cancer Cells


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