The Great Pyramid Channels High Frequency Radiowaves In To The Earth

An article published in the journal of applied physics details recent research conducted on The Great Pyramid. What they’ve discovered is that the pyramid of Gizas geometric architecture creates electromagnetic “multipoles” that focus and concentrate high frequency radio-waves in to the limestone “substrate” beneath it.


EMF in the X-Y Plane

In so doing they’ve deduced that the Great Pyramid actually prevents these electromagnetic waves from being “reflected” by the Earth itself. A lightning poll is a great analogy. Except that with a lightning poll high intensity electricity is being “grounded” solely by the conductive properties of (metal). Whereas with the great pyramid something about the geometry, composition and position of the chambers inside appears to be concentrating the electromagnetic energy and channeling it in to the ground.


EMFs in the X-Z plane



“It was established that the Pyramid’s chambers can concentrate electromagnetic energy at the resonant conditions”

“Due to the scaling properties, such a behaviour can be realized in different spectral ranges for suitable material and geometrical parameters.”

Furthermore this particular study only focus on the radio-frequency bandwidth of electromagnetism and so the authors have hypothesized that a similar effect may occur at higher frequencies such as ultraviolet.

“The obtained results can be considered as a first step to the further investigation of the Great Pyramid electromagnetic properties. This approach can be extended to other physical objects and geometries. As an example, one can now study the complex system of the pyramids located at the Giza plateau.
In the conclusion, note that the excitation of the Pyramid with shorter incident wavelengths, than considered here, could result in the excitation of higher order resonances with strong field concentration effects. But it is out of the scope of the current work and will be a next step of our investigations.”
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