New Borderless Nation of “Asgardia” Plans To Inhabit Suborbital Space Station

They want to save our planet by creating giant habitable “space arks”. So far Asgardia has recruited a diverse range of members including engineers, scientists and politicians as well as an interested population of around 200 000 “citizens” who adhere to many different countries around the world.


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The self titled “Space Nation” was formed only 21 months ago and already boasts an elected parliament, constitution, national anthem and a flag. Their leader and prime financier, Igor Ashurbeyli was voted in on May 25th of this year.


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Ashurbeyli – a Russian-Azerbaijani scientist, businessman and benefactor, also the creator of Asgardia served as CEO of the Scientific Production Association in Almaz from 2000 to 2011. He has a PHD in Engineering as well as computer science.

Apparently Asgardia wants to attract 2 percent of the world population who are “most creative” Igor was quoted saying that in the future applications “Might even involve IQ tests.”


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Asgardias plans for the future include

– Establishing its own cryptocurrency, called the “solar”
– Launching satellites to supply internet for the entire world in 5-7 years
– Building habitable “space arks” in 10-15 years complete with artificial gravity and protection from cosmic radiation and other threats
– Building similar sub-orbital shields to protect Earth from cosmic threats i.e. asteroids, space debris, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, breakdown of our magnetic field etc.


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As a part of the constitution Asgardia describes their territory in the following ways

“From a legal perspective, Asgardia’s territory is a digital nation with living citizens on the planet Earth; from a scientific and technological perspective, Asgardia is a nation implemented on a low-Earth orbit in the form of a satellite or an orbital satellite constellation, on Earth, and later on the Moon and on other celestial bodies.”

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In a time of growing geopolitical turmoil breakaway civilizations such as that of Agardia could turn everything on it’s head. Imagine that instead of rushing over borders and overloading the infrastructure refugees have the option to live and work in outer space – acting as the first pilgrims to venture on towards a new frontier. Furthermore, much of the information we take for granted is gleaned from orbital satellites – including the kind of ecological data that illustrates climate change.


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Through the establishment of orbital civilizations we may be able to more closely monitor the environment from outer space as well provide a democratic infrastructure for the deployment of projects to intercept climate change on a mass scale.

Having a couple hundred thousand or million extra eyes on geocentric orbit couldn’t hurt our chances of avoiding some kind of intrusion from space – whether that be debris, asteroids or even more controversially – malevolent extraterrestrial life.

Furthermore these suborbital civilizations could act as ambassadors for the Earth to up and coming inter planetary colonies, or even in relationship to more benevolent extra-terestrial life if they were to indeed exist and pay us a visit some time in the future.



“Asgardia expands its territory by obtaining new localities on Earth, in space and on celestial bodies.”

“Asgardia will use adjacent territories (hard surfaces, subsurface resources, oceans, atmospheres, space, celestial bodies) in accordance with generally recognized international principles and norms, as well as international treaties to which it is a party”




So far it is free to apply for citizenship. All that’s required at the moments are a few personal details, including your degree of education, which are uploaded to the Asgardia-1 satellite. A journalist from The Sun reported that he was accepted within a few hours of applying.


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Along with citizens their are also “members”. The membership fee is 15 000 euros and becoming a member allows one to participate in the organizations scientific work.

Lena De Winne, Asgardia’s Deputy Head of Administration told The Sun that “Low Earth orbit is already well developed in terms of successful short-term human habitation,” “However, for permanent habitation, we will need to address the issues of a lack of gravity and cosmic radiation.”


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On their website Asgardia claims to be the “171st Largest nation in the world”. Though they have not yet officially been recognized by the UN as a country members from Asgardia are aparently in talks with representatives to make that happen.


They launched their first satellite called Asgardia-1 on December 6th 2017. On their website, the satellites course of flight is displayed in real time as it soars over the world map above.

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