China Claims There Next Quantum Radar Will Be Able to Detect “High Speed Flying Objects” In Space

ETGT, Chinas largest defense electronics company has claimed that their next quantum radar will be able to detect “high speed flying objects”. This could include high speed ballistic missiles, satellites or even more controversially – UFOS.

The China Electronicis Technology Group Technology made  the announcement at Nanjing, that capital of Chinas Jiangsu Province,

In the announcement they claim that the radar could be installed on a near space vehicle and “effectively monitor high speed flying objects in the upper atmosphere and above”

Quantum Radar involves entangling photons through a crystal and shooting one of them in to the atmosphere. If something collides with the photon they will know due to energy-spin fluctuation changes in the other entangled photon.

Hong Kong based military commentator Song Zhongping was quoted saying

“The term ‘high-speed flying objects’ could include ballistic missiles during their boost phase and mid-course, or low-altitude satellites, all of which are important targets to be monitored,”

Even more controversially, this could potentially include UFOs and experimental craft. A recent slew of government insiders and subsequent disclosed documents have recently brought the phenomena of UFOS back in to mainstream.

“If a quantum radar could be fully developed, it would be really powerful in the three key areas of range, imaging and counter interference.” said Zhonping

Xia Linghao, from CETC’s 14th Research Institute and one of the lead scientists on the radar project has claimed that most theoretical work had been completed and the project has entered it’s experimental verification phase.

06/15/18 China’s latest quantum radar won’t just track stealth bombers, but ballistic missiles in space too

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