Tokamaks Nuclear Fusion Reactor Breaches 15 Million Degrees: Approaching The Center of Our Sun

The United Kingdoms private Nuclear Fusion venture Tokamak Energy has reached temperatures of 15 million degrees fahrenheit – hotter  then the surface of the sun but still 12 million degrees away from the center and 85 million degrees away from their hypothetical goal of commercializing this novel energy source.

Their particular Nuclear Fusion Reactor combines a torus shaped apparatus with high temperature superconducting magnets that ionize Deuterium in to a super hot form of energized gas called plasma.

Hotter than the centre of the Sun: UK prototype reaches 15 million degrees

“We are taking significant steps towards achieving fusion energy and doing so with the agility of a private venture, driven by the goal of achieving something that will have huge benefits worldwide.

“Reaching 15 million degrees is yet another indicator of the progress at Tokamak Energy and a further validation of our approach. Our aim is to make fusion energy a commercial reality by 2030. We view the journey as a series of engineering challenges, raising additional investment on reaching each new milestone.”

“The world needs abundant, controllable, clean energy. Our business plan is built on strong scientific foundations and this milestone is a significant step in our compact spherical tokamak route to fusion power.”

“Fusion is a major challenge, but one that must be tackled. We believe that with collaboration, dedication and investment, fusion will be an important part of achieving deep decarbonisation of the global energy supply in the 2030s and beyond.”

The company has raised 30 million euro from investors such as Oxford Instruments, Legal & General Capital and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Hotter Than The Centre of The Sun: UK Prototype Reaches 15 million Degrees


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