Muon Detector Spots Anomalies In Giza

Using high energy muon detectors Researchers from nagoya University Japan have discovered open spaces on top of the Queens Chamber and Grand Gallery at Giza
Muons are unstable high energy particle residue from cosmic rays that can pierce through solid state matter. Since they are partially absorbed by stone, you can deploy muon detectors like you would an x-ray to scan a building or piece of land and reveal the underlying structure. This creates a simulated projection of the muons akin to a holographric interference pattern based on the amount of them to make it through the material.
Dr Kunihiro and his team placed sensors inside the queens chamber (roughly centre-mass in Giza) to determine whether or not the amount of muons penetrating through the roof matched known architecture within the pyramid. If more of these energetic particles make it through a certain part the roof then they expect based on the blueprints, then there is open space somewhere up there aligned vertically to the sensor.
Using this method they’ve discovered a 30 foot void above the queens chamber and Grand Gallery.
Shortly there after geologist and geophysicist Dr Robert Schock appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience to discuss how Egyptologists are attempting to close down further investigation.
Although it is too early to say for sure, Some have proposed that this could be another part of a more recent trend that pushes the known existence of sophisticated civilization further back in time. Called “The Silurian Hypothesis” One of their main points is that the evidence for Giza plateau being built by the Egyptians was absent from their history. Since there are no hieroglyphs aside from graffiti there is apparently even less evidence that it was a burial chamber.
Water erosion on Sphinx suggests the statue stretches back twice as Egypt itself. The last time a high enough tide existed in this region was 10 000 years ago – co-inciding with an alignment of the Egyptian hemisphere along the constellation of Leo. In fact new evidence from earlier Egyptian scripts have discovered that the Sphinx originally possessed the head of a Lion. A depiction of the goddess lioness “Mehit.”
Recent discoveries such as a giant metropolis under the amazonian rainforest Sunken Architecture off the coast of Europe and Asia, Gobekli Tepe, Puma Punku, certainly push sophisticated architecture further back in time and some, in the case of sunken cities – as far back as pre-historic glaciation.

What these “voids” could possibly contain as far cultural indicators of an older civilization is another story entirely. They will probably have to drill a small hole from the outside and deploy a miniature rover to get a look at the room. Who knows how long that will take if Egyptologsts are attempting to hold back the investigation like Dr Schock has mentioned.

A New Interpretation of a Rare Old Kingdom Dual Title: The King’s Chief Librarian and Guardian of the Royal Archives of Mehit

Cosmic-ray particles reveal secret chamber in Egypt’s Great Pyramid

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