Archaeologists Are Asking Whether Or Not The Bibles “United Monarchy” Actually Existed

After finding 3000 year old governors house at Tet Eton central Israel based on the known literature from surrounding geography the only civilization mentioned at that time was King Davids United Monarchy.

The main archaeologist has announced that the date design and size of the house indicate signs of a large organised government in that part of Israel located in the central region of Shephala. The site itself, is at the highest part of a mound called Tet Eton

In the Hebrew bible they claimed this monarchy was ruled by King David and survived until the death of King Solomon at which point scholars proclaim to be around 930 bc. Shortly after that the biblical kingdoms of Judah and Isreal we’re supposedly founded.

However since there are few written records from that time and location it’s still difficult to say for sure whether or not the United Monarchy actually existed. What we know for certain is from what evidence was found, such as charcoal from firepits and a 3200 year old chalice buried under the houses foundation.

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Regarding written records, archaeologists did discover a 3,200 year-old Egyptian stele written by the pharaoh Merneptah that mentions “Israel” briefly.

The private stela of Tetisheri, made of limestone and dating to the 18th Dynasty, is fairly typical of the rounded top stelae

An example of a Stele

History of Egypt

Pharaoh Merneptah




Cover photo from Griffin Aerial Imaging

Does This 3,000-Year-Old House Confirm King David’s Lost Biblical Kingdom?

The “Governor’s Residency” at Tel ‘Eton, The United Monarchy, and the Impact of the Old-House Effect on Large-Scale Archaeological Reconstructions

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