2 New Types of Time Crystal Discovered

A scientific partnership between Universities in the US and China have discovered an exponential pulse to the reverberation of ions in ordinary space crystals stimulated by electromagetic broadcasts.

The teams used radio-frequency emitters to stimulate the spin of each ion. What they found is that the plasma ions reverberate at integer multiples of the driving frequency. A concept not unlike the musical scale.

For some reason whole integers are built in to the way these new states of matter are organised under quantum laws. They’ve found that these time crystals can be formed by mono-ammonium phosphate as well as ammonium di-hydrogen phosphate.

ammonium phosphate


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ammonium di-hydrogen phosphate

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The idea was originally proposed by Frank wilczek who derived the name from chronemics which is more broadly chronomics, the study of repeating structures in time.

So the origin of time crystals stems from these these natural orbital cycles and how they effect life via shifting nocturnal melatonin levels, circadian rhythms sunspots increasing dystolic blood pressure etc That all escalated in the proposal of chronoastrbiology in 2012.


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Procession of the Equinox


Those cycles include the day and year as well as the Earths 3 larger milankovitch cycles the suns solar polar shift, hale cycle and it’s rotation around the bary-centre of our solar system just to name a few.

we are generating something similar to these orbital cycles at the microscopic scale by periodically pulsing rotating plasma ions with electromagnetic energy.

The first person to produce a time crystal in subatomic form did so with a chain of ytterbium plasma confined to an artificial magnetic loop called an ion trap. The second was created in defects of carbon diamond. They reverberate for about 3 X as long as you would expect given the laws of physics.


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Georg Kucsko

All echoing pulses displayed the same tendency to remain “sticky” i.e. hold steadfast to their reverberating wavelengths even in the face of external perturbation from electromagnetic broadcasts. A feature characteristic of this new state of matter. Basically they have created a symmetric entanglement of particle energy states throughout time and then called that a “time crystal” Which they refer to as a new state of matter. Applications could potentially include memory storage in next generation quantum computers, which uses similar methods to entangle photons and create instantaneous information processing that excels current computing by several orders of magnitudes.


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IBMs Quantum Computer

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Google and NASAs DWave prototypes


10/19/2012 Space-Time Crystals of Trapped Ions

03/2017 Observation of a discrete Time Crystal

05/04/2018 ‘Time crystals’ created in two new types of materials

05/01/2018 Observation of Discrete-Time-Crystal Signatures in an Ordered Dipolar Many-Body System

05/01/2018 NMR study of discrete time-crystalline signatures in an ordered crystal of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate

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