Scientists Create Miniature Ball Lightning – Implications For Nuclear Fusion


A new Quasi Particle has emerged after it’s original proposal 40 years ago by Tony Skyrme a scientist working for the Manhattan project. The Skymion, a type of artificial electromagnetic field created from ferromagnets and quantum matter, may have implications for containing the super hot energetic plasma of Nuclear Fusion


One of the most widely renown Quantum States of Matter is the Bose Einstein Condensate – a primordial soup of charge carrying particles like the photon quark and gluon cooled to temperatures below absolute 0 – (close to as cold as the darkest craters on the moon). In order to create this new quasi particle researchers used ferromagnets to align the spin of a super cool Bose-einstein condensate along the z axis (pictured below).


The external ferromagnetic impulse then briefly ceases all activity as a new set of field lines is re-emitted in the shape of 3 nested diamonds at the z AND x axis. The entangled bose einstein condensate, now with a centralized geometry of field lines, reorients each spin to fit in to a triad of nested implosive spheroids (D and E)

This is exactly what makes the quantum world so interesting. The first ferromagnetic field appears to act as a trigger – entangling the particles in a single direction. As the second more symmetric field is engaged it appears to shift this entanglement of spins in to a vortex – akin to creating a source of gravity at the subatomic scale.

Image result for topological excitations



Scientists have proposed that this may be a better way to contain the unfathomably hot energetic particles that arise from nuclear fusion – a new clean, powerful source of energy – the first of which is currently under construction by a cross continental initiative.

Their plan is to contain the super hot plasma with electromagnetic fields created via superconducting magnets in an attempt to control the temperature enough to harvest energy from the spheroidal torus shaped “Tokamak” engine.

However,scientists working with the Skyrmion hypothesize that a similar process of entangling spins and transforming magnetic field geometry could make the process simpler. More a matter of getting the right angles and extreme temperatures first and then “setting” them to a more permanent state rather than using brute force to contain the heat.

Researchers have claimed the particle has an affinity to ball lightning, an electromagnetic atmospheric phenomena originally attributed to paranormal activity. Sometimes ball lightning can even be seen floating through air-plane isles. It is hypothesized to be composed of a series of electrical knots identical to the Skyrmion.


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