The Human Body Produces Electromagnetic Energy

Light has played arguably the most profound role in the continuing development of all life on Earth. It is true that every organism on the face of the planet, relies either directly or indirectly on exposure to light from the sun as a source of energy. Originally plants used photosynthesis to metabolise light in to functional nutrients, which allowed for the conversion of exogenous carbon dioxide to oxygen by some of the earliest plankton.


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Fast forward a couple billion years and you have one particularly crafty omnivore with a propensity for tools and depicting stories through art. From the first strokes of ash on the wall of a cave to the classic portrayal of universal morality as an everlasting struggle between the forces of light and darkness.  We really could not make our collective sentiment towards the natural phenomena any more obvious  – and for good reason


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Light has deep evolutionary roots in agriculture, Vitamin D, nocturnal predators, Circadian Rythyms and the presence of fire just to name a few. Whether you are a hunter in the forest, a farmer on the fields or a scientist determining the mineral  composition of an asteroid- darkness is symbolic of the chaotic underworld and light – the illuminating force that reveals all and establishes habitable order from turmoil.

It’s common knowledge that canines hear and smell more than humans, however what’s less known is sharks birds and cats can see entire slivers of the electromagnetic spectrum that lie beyond our reach. Birds use these fields to navigate, cats use them to see in the dark., and so to do sharks use them to detect prey in the blackness of ocean depths.

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For the vast majority of our civilisations history we have only been able to see a small portion of this ‘electromagnetic spectrum’ we call light. In the earlier days of scientific progress we used telescopes forged from molten minerals that concentrate and bend light to create the illusion of proximity.


That gives the observer a tactical advantage. In fact, light technology is the main driving force behind scientific progress, exploration and even the range of our military and surveillance equipment via satellite telescopes on board. In fact most vital processes on our planet begin with looking through that lens for the first time.

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Now with advancements in infrared and ultraviolet imaging techniques we can use computers and electricity to multiply this effect  – observing entire parts of the spectrum that lie hitherto unforeseen. This led to substantial breakthroughs in communication, including radio, television and the internet as well as transforming our understanding of the very nature of space and time.

As far as Black Holes, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy go – once thing all these horizons share in common is they are characterised by the absence of light. In fact the struggle to understand dark and unruly cosmic forces today is the same instinct that leads explorers to bend light across entire oceans in search of new land.

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It turns out that a handful of dedicated researchers in the field of bio-electromagnetism have gone even further in understanding the relationship between humanity and light by observing the behaviour of cells enveloped by these fields at a microscopic level.

Using infrared and ultraviolet imaging techniques they’ve compiled a corpus of data on the behavior of light in the human body.

First and foremost your body and the Earth overlap in frequency range. Since we are enveloped in Earths atmosphere it would make sense that we share it’s optical frequency bandwidth as well.  Another way of saying this is that the electromagnetic field of your body ranges from radio-bandwidth to ultraviolet.

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Bryant Meyers

It turns out the Earths Schumann cascade overlaps with the range of  regenerative electromagnetic frequencies used by PEMFs but not the exact frequencies themselves. The system has a considerable degree of complexity, but remain understandable.

“Biophoton emission is a general phenomenon of living systems. It concerns low luminescence from a few up to some hundred photons-per-second per square-centimeter surface area. At least within the spectral region from 200 to 800nm. The experimental results indicate that biophotons o-riginate from a coherent(or/and squeezed) photon field within the living organism, its function being intra- and inter-cellular regulation and communication.”

The following is a curated list of research findings on the behaviour of Bio-photons.

  • Biophoton intensities range from 10 to 100 counts per second (cps), (5)
  • Photon coverage of the body remains relatively stable albeit with a tendency to decrease throughout the day. (5)
  • Ultraviolet Bio-Photon Emission decreases during sound meditation (3)
  • The sharpness of photon emission on a graph will decrease while symmetry will increase during meditation (3)
  • The hands display a higher emission than the head or trunk (1)
  • Visualising light increases the intensity of bio-photons on the right side of your head (2)
  • Photon radiant flux density in the brain is correlated with departure from standard deviation in random number generators. (6)
  • Evanescent bio-photons found in the water next to your brains dendritic membranes create a hot enough temperature for superconducting quantum behaviour to occur. (7)

“The conditional probability P0(∆,k) of not detecting a subsequent photon in a small time interval ∆ after the detection of a photon in signal of strength k counts in time ∆ is the most discriminating probability. It nearly equals to one in weak signals. The difference from one i.e. [1- P0(∆,k)] , gives the conditional probability of subsequent photon detection and is measurable by a simple coincidence technique. The technique directly measures this probability without detecting the outcome of individual events. The calculated expressions of this probability for different states of
a photon signal are given in many books on quantum optics”


(1) Left-right and Yin-Yang Balance of Biophoton Emission From Hands

(2) Increased photon emission from the head while imagining light in the dark is correlated with changes in electroencephalographic power: Support for Bókkon’s biophoton hypothesis

(3) Multiple Phase Locked Loop Meditative Guidance using BioPhotonic Communication and BioAcoustic Fields – An Analysis

(4) Effect of Meditation on Ultraweak Photon Emission from Hands and Forehead

(5) Whole-Body Counting of Biophotons and Its Relation to Biological Rhythms

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