Advancing Medicine with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy has been proven to effectively treat musulo-skeletal disorders, chronic pain and speed healing of skin, bones, ligaments and tendons. Over 1/3rd of Americans suffer with chronic pain.  Consumption of prescription pain killers are also on the rise, which has led to an Opioid epidemic unparalleled in modern history. Needless to say- policymakers are looking for a solution to reduce the cost of healthcare, and ordinary people are searching for a better way to treat pain.

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PEMF is a medical treatment that involves the pulsation of rhythmically entrained electromagnetic waves throughout the body using a copper foil mesh. It was originally employed by the medical community to vasodilate the veins, speeding up the delivery of drugs, as well as for post-operative healing.

The technology could potentially help with the the overwhelming cost of healthcare. Testament to the trend is several companies with products that are proven to speed healing and prevent pain. Could this technology target the source of inflammation and disease by re-calibrating the voltage of cellular tissue?



Electromagnetism is generally seen as a pretty esoteric concept but in reality is surprisingly simple. You see electricity actually implies magnetism. We simply use different terms to describe aspects of the fundamental force of electromagnetism. This was originally discovered by Michael Faraday in the 1900s who ran electricity through a conductor and observed the generation of a magnetic field. He called it the “law of induction”.


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The same phenomena occurs tens of thousands of kilometers above the earth where  lightning traveling throughout the atmosphere creates an electromagnetic cascade of frequencies called the “schumann resonances” that actually overlap with the frequency of our bodies own electromagnetic field.


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Cities provide international centers for communication, diversity and exchange . However, insulating the environment in order to control the temperature also prevents your field from entraining properly with the atmosphere.

The deleterious effect of this was actually discovered in Space of all places, when astronauts were insulated from the electromagnetic frequency of Earth there health would deteriorate. Add a pulsed Schumann frequency cascade to the spaceship and the problem was solved. Of course space is more distant then anything here on Earth but the same principle applies on a smaller scale when you insulate a home from temperature fluctuations you are also insulating yourself from the Earths natural field.

So one of the better solutions out there is pulsed electromagnetic therapy. The concept is surprisingly simple – we’re treating the force of electromagnetism as just that – a single force that accounts for both electricity, and magnetism with some frequency combinations that are healthier than others depending on the tissue being treated.

This is good news for medicine as we do in fact know how to influence the conductivity of tissue and ability to regenerate using this technology. It simply needs to be employed on a larger scale.

The working mechanism proves how the right electromagnetic frequency can restore your bodies ability to heal itself by inducing trans-membrane potential. It also demonstrates the importance of monitoring radiation from Cell phone/internet towers.

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This is because specific pattern in the amplitude  and wavelength of pulsed EMFs dilate nutrient ion channels and separate clumps of blood – reducing Blood Pressure. For example it has been demonstrated in laboratory conditions that frequencies used for healing everything from nerve damage to broken bones (0-20 hz) overlap with some Earth frequencies found in the Schumann cascade.





In the textbook  Magnetic Field Dosimetry – Biophysical and Clinical Aspects the process of matching frequency to wavelength is described in length as “Depending on the mass, shape and size of the target, the orientation of the target with respect to the field vector, and the electrical properties of both the body and the environment.”

There are scientists who have spent their entire career identifying the exact frequency/angles for nerve regeneration, bone growth, soft tissue regeneration and capillary formation. In fact there are devices built for home use today that – if used correctly – can be more safe, effective and less expensive than surgery or medication. With more public attention paid to continued research we may be able to reduce the cost of this technology by providing a crowdfunded infrastructure for adoption by the mainstream.






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